Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A touch of decorum please..

I am a trifle concerned that matrons recent unruly behaviour with the janitor may be ,in part at least ,my fault for putting too many photographs of scantily clad men on the chat forum. I fear that the man with the pompom hat, coupled with her extra responsibilities in Head mistresses absence yesterday, may have sent her over the edgeI am therefore posting this image of a charming Ontario farmer in the hope it will bring her t o her sense and remind all of us of our rural homeland from whence we were so cruelly forced to flee after the ducks turned vicious.You will all no doubt be very relieved to hear that Nice computer man has fiddled with my motherboard and that I now have a spell check facility. Sadly the same can not be said for my brain so still dyslexic I’m afraid, Now if I could only work out how to use the wretched thing (spell checker not brain dear) I am sure you would all be very happy!
Of course it would be a lot easier if someone invented a keyboard that could keep pace with the speed of my typing !
I shall be posting an old german recipe for Rhubarb wine on my blog later in the day as I fear Matrons excesses have radically depleted the wine cellar and there will be nothing left for the high table by May unless steps are made to replenish it. If you all managed to produce 8 litres each then we should be able to keep the cellar going until half term if we are prudent and Headmistresss hides the key. I understand janitor has spare demijohns in the boiler room if any one needs them but please remember to sterilize them thoroughly before use.


Milla said...

the percentage key, here at least, is above the 5. Good luck. And keep the photos coming. Oh, and the words!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

just been in for our daily dose of Un Peu - himself in hysterics AGAIN - it was the moutaches that did it! Keep it coming - it lightens our days!