Sunday, 22 April 2007

Setlle down girls and lights out ...time for bed!

Can't be that time already surely! Good lord Monday tomorrow ! Where did the weekend go ?Ah yes I remember blogging, trip to the other side for a rescue mission or two, blogging, wine, blogging, visiitng the sick, blogging, bit of gardening, blogging, grass cutting (well to be honest chief patissier cut the grass whilst I was blogging). I think we all have the general idea now thank you.

Oscar has been busy too, she spent the day trying to persuade her kittens to come out into the sunshine for a walk which, bearing in mind their young age was a bit ambitious of her. That’s the trouble with these pushy mothers want their kids to run before they can crawl. Next thing it will be piano no doubt. Smallest black kitten did manage to get herself as far as behind the sofa in the study , where she promptly got stuck as she hasn't learnt reverse gear yet. which I suppose is a start. Cuckoo is so fat she only made it as far as the cupboard door. Not a born athlete that one I fear.

In the end youngest and I constructed a hasty playpen for them on the study floor with some lengths of wood that Chief Patissier had conveniently left lying around in there , thus unwittingly confirming his theory that it’s a good thing to abandon planks in odd places as, sooner or later, someone in the vicinity is bound to want them for something. Thus he saves them from hours of searching. He is either a very far thinking kind soul or a real feignant (lazy so and so).

As she couldn't drag the kittens out to visit the relatives this afternoon ,Oscar had the ferals in this evening to see her offspring, lots of chirruping sounds exchanged like a pack of maiden aunts clucking over babies. Then they trotted off outside , presumably to tell white feral all about it. She having been lying in the sun all day recovering form her traumatic car journey and not being able to make the trip herself ,what with her bad foot etc. Oscar has just gone off to bed looking frightfully smug so they obviously were suitably impressed.

School tomorrow Hooray! (oops didn’t mean to say that out loud sorry) so I may get time to do the ironing, and a bit of blogging , and the washing, and a bit more blogging, and perhaps some shopping and …. Oh well you get the picture.


Frances said...

Good evening from New York.
For some reason, I can enjoy reading your blog, the blogs of other pals, I can leave comments, but obviously am still somehow, not connected.
Tomorrow is another day.

Pondside said...

Sounds like you've had a busy day! I hope that you can add hot bath, glass of wine, good book, relaxation somewhere into the list!
(Right, you're a mother....what was I thinking?)

Posie Rosie said...

Found the 'other' blog un peu, you really are talented, two blog pages and still not one under mme grogonne okay my spelling in le French is not up to much, but great to see you.x

annakarenin said...

Right last comment explains it. Was a bit flumoxed because for some reason I just ended up on your other blog and couldn't work out where everything had gone to. My hubby leaves tools around all the time which is lethal with four boys but will he learn and he is definately a 'feignant' will have to remeber that word. My cat is a Bengal I remebered you asking about her many moons ago and had forgotten to tell you. Is that what your friends have? We bred her because I also want a brown spot, she is a snow spot and the money from the kittens will come in handy fingers crossed everything goes okay.

muddyboots said...

you know that you have a twin outthere, is this the real you mme?



muddyboots said...

ah c'est bon n'est pas aujordui bonjour mes ameee! teee heee, what fun. l see your as bad as me, it's more fun playing in cyberspace than doing accounts, bugger, don't you just hate it when you pick up the phone only to be met by a long silence......... hello ..hello...goodbye