Saturday, 21 April 2007

Stilll standing...just..

Very hectic day what with having to change identity twice and being locked out of the purple cow (sorry coo, hey good name for a pub that! shall we open one of those too?!) and then all the other stuff that goes on in the real word like washing ironing and feeding masses.

I have promised Muddy I will remember to put in paragraphs breaks in future so am concentrating very hard. Just popped back to rebuild my blogsite, repost my blogs and check I am still here.

Gosh there are lot of us here aren't there? Shall we have a knees up ? I have a wicked recipe for vodka punch , it is based on 10 litres of vodka so you either have to be very thirsty or invite a lot of freinds! I'll whip up a couple of batches shall I. Oy Sally you got any pastis left at the chateau if so bring that with you and soome olives there's a dear!

Do you think we should be civillized and wait until the sun is over the yardarm ? ... We could work on French time if you like we are an hour ahead of you!

Somebody bring some cheese straw will you ! Oh Mme Grognonne you are too kind a plate of snails stuffed with anchovies!!


countrymousie said...

Just looked looked up vodka - spirit made from alchol of agricultural content - potatoes and sucklike I guess - rural though so you are allowed to drink it!!

Un peu Loufoque said...

oh good! I shalll carry on making the batch then, perhaps I better make it three!