Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bad housewife arrested for neglecting family

All my cunning plans to blog and look as if I was being a good housewife at the same time were to no avail . The electrician turned out to be a dog charmer and thus able to hypnotise the noisy brutes into silence and tiptoe up to the front door to catch me at laptop with mouth full of Breton cake and large mug of cappuccino in hand. Sad really as had he arrived 5 minutes earlier I would have been mid ironing and looked very pukka femme de foyer indeed! I’m pretty sure under French law you are only allowed to drink coffee at specified times never ever without something to eat as well .It was his own fault for being two hours late. If I hadn’t been eating the cake he probably would have needed therapy.
Nice computer man came this afternoon and twiddled with laptop to do fine tuning on microsoft word and read my blog in progress on screen whislt waiting for something to load. He now knows all about Mme grognonne Chief patissier and the wheelbarow incident. I thnk I am going to be sick.

Also caught out by Chief patissier at lunchtime . Having prepared lunch, laid table, tidied kitchen and strategically placed pile of ironed clothes on end of table all within half an hour , I thought I was home and dry, but clever use of seemingly innocent questions on his part revealed that in fact the morning had been spent at the purple cow and not shackled to the stove.
I knew I should never have introduced him to you lot. He probably has some devilish thing on his computer which can show him when I have been on line and for how long so he will discover that housework does not take me all day after all. I should have stuck to reading trashy novels you can’t trace log them .

Sexy french dog handling electrician has wired in kiln without blowing up the house or killing himself so it is now sitting empty and open mouthed waiting for me to fill its void with test tiles. I suppose this means I shall have to do something potteryish and earn my keep and not spend my life at purple coo . I have waited two years for my kiln to be up and running and I am really really excited... well would have been if I hadn't discovered blogging in the mean time.

Ah well at least if I pot it gives me another excuse for not doing the housework…and if I work in the kitchen instead of my studio I can probably blog and pot at the same time. Must remember to clean the clay finger marks off the keyboard before he comes home though !


LittleBrownDog said...

Can I borrow your electrician? There's nothing wrong with our electrics, but we do have a rather noisy dog.


Brownmouse said...

Wowee - a new kiln. That's fab. Have fun firing!


sally's chateau said...

Great news, now we can have a night out on the tiles, after you've made them that is ! doh

Brownmouse said...

ps - translator thingie couldn't cope with grogonne. Will investigate further!

DevonLife said...

May we see some pics of the first pots fired?