Sunday, 22 April 2007

Its no good crying that doesn't make it any better...

Oh deary me quelle horreure ! (or quelle bummer as Eldest says)

I not only have dual characters , what with un peu and Mme Grognonne but I now have two blog pages one of whom I can not get to. But if I stick my nose to the window I can see you all there chatting away popping friendly commetnbs on it and you must think me terribly rude no saying anything back, or worse still think I have run away after my first blogs!

In all the excitement of day one I set up a blogpage with a brand new email addres courtesy of Chief Patissier. He has so many he has several different identities for various projects. One day a strange cyber woman will appear on my screen and tell me he has been mascarading as Mr 9X7pY from Evesham and is the father of 4 million bloglets world wide and will demand computer maintenance for them all. Oh damn, digressing again... Anyway my new email address was super sooper wonderful, got in to blogger set up blogpage postedpicture redecorated put up new wallpaper, dragged in sofa and pot palnts and a cat basket for Oscar. Locked door went to bed.

Oh Wailey Wailey (hands up who is a Mcfeeggal fan!) next day I was barred, denied acess, ! "No love your name is not on my list, sorry now push off" Goggle swore they had never heard of me, didn't have an email address on their records... you know why ? I know why, its a dud, out of all the spare email names in his box of cyver tricks I get teh void one. Je Suis null!!As I said in my title, its no good crying it doesn't make it any better, so I shall jsut go and wake Chief patissier up adn shout at him instead. That always helps.

I must find a way to tell you read this one instead! Meanwhile I blog on in search for a front door key for the old blog or a man with a crowbar to jemmi the lock so I can empty out all the junk and sublet it!

The picture if there is one is of a mcfeegle from Terry pratchets Tiffany novels. If you find me funny you should read him...


elizabethm said...

this seems fine un peu. i hope i am posting a comment on your proper blog! continuing to love your pic

Un peu Loufoque said...

Oh you are kind! I have been playing with it, in between feeding sorting and re-arranging children.

muddyboots said...

ummm, not really, would you like some yummy ice cream pictures? l'm busy doing lunches @ the moment so l'll do some pics later on.OK? ah fax??? remember ice cream orders coming in by fax?

Frances said...

Good morning from New York,
Before I go rushing out to "celebrate" Earth Day by selling merchandise in the shop, I wanted to try to play a bit in the new neighborhood. The more that I click around (circles seem to be where I travel a lot) the more I beging to understand how to contact all my pals.
Hope your Sunday in France is a beautiful day.

countrymousie said...

Well I have just peed my pants as she said in Pretty Woman!!! I have read you blog in Death Valley.
As usual words fail me but it was wonderful - particularly the wave to Mandy - priceless - I should think she is throwing her cuckoo clock across the road at this very minute!!