Sunday, 22 April 2007

Mme Grognonne and Un Peu Loufoque forefill a Sunday serivce!

It being Sunday I thought I would pop over and do my christian dutyand visit the sick and dying at CL .I had a quick wave at a few people but its \wfully empty. I see fennie wants to do an anthology...I left this posting...Sally its for your mum rally as she was sweet enough to ask after me!

Good lord its quiet in here. Have we come to the right place? I'm sure it used to be held in here? Of course its been a few ays so perhsps they have moved. Probably a double booking withe the Wi knitting club, I think they're knitting angora socks for premature spring lambs this week. Mrs Newby suggested it, she's lives in Kensington I think, awfully hot on counntry matters and green issues. Rumour has it she once rugby tackled a pensioner for the last packet of Argentinian organic beef at Waitrose you know. Awfully organic in all the right places.

Oh Mme Grognonne do put down that pitchfork and help me find the matches will you? The light switch doesn't seem to be working. Probaly haven't paid the bill again. Light the oil lamp dear , do stop being silly. Thank you. No you hold it. Well becasue I don't want to finish the day smelling of oil that's why. No, no body will notice if you smell of oil, the pondweed will disguise it.

Oh that's better! Good gracious! Who are all those strange people, and what are they all doing sitting in the dark! So many newcomers in the countryside these days , strange how they all suddenly popped up and so many look and sound alike. I suppose they must have come from the same neighbourhood.London probably. Oh now there's a familair face! Coee Mandy, ho's that lovely swiss village of yours! Oh look Ragrug has just nipped into the taproom, don't worry we'll catch her later. .

Now everyone smile and wave at the camera , do you know I think thats a journalist in the conrer of the chatroom. Oh do stop doing that Mme G it isnt very ladylike, I don't care if have got pond weed up your nose what will people think? Oh look there's Sallys Mother form the Chateau! "Hello dear, I said HELLO DEAR" ( I think she is a bit deaf you know, you'll have to shout louder, oh never mind just wave at her and smile ! )

Yes that's right, No not with the hand with oil lamp in it you idiot! Oh mon dieu look what you've done , now you've dropped the wretched thing and we'll be in the dark again. Oh no its alright it hasn't gone out its landed in straw on the floor ,so that's much brighter. very rural touch straw strewn floorboards, must suggest it to Interiors team.

Goodness getting a bit warm in here. Lot of smoke,something must be on fire. Oh lawks ! Think its time we left, gosh all that smoke hides everything! See if you can fumble your way to the exit... You grab Sally's mother and I'll grab the port decanter! I need a drink after that don't you.

Very unsettling. La Violette vache do you think? yes me too always so welcoming there. Hang on I can hear someone calling! Is that you chickenlicken ? I can hear you but I can't see you so If you're here Chicken licken , pop over for a chat at the La Violette Vache iin the village will you? I need to ask you about piano tuning, Oscar moved her kittens into the grand piano in the drawing room and now the middle C is flat. Oh look here comes someone with a wet blanket, that should put out the flames!

Toodle pip! mme Grognonne if I find you have drunk all the calvados again I will be very cross.


countrymousie said...

Would you mind being a sweetie and printing somewhere on this site your parting shot on the other - some wish dearly to see it but do not want to return to death valley. Thanks


OKDOKEY as you asked so nicely... can you show me how to do an avatar tho in exchange!! Ive looked everywhere don'tknow wher mines gone to !

RuthF said...

Have found you Un Peu - have not actually found myself yet but one day I know it wil all make sense XX

annakarenin said...

Wonderful end to a series thankfully the saga goes on. Glad I have found you again still finding my way around and you seem so at home my blog site will definately have the look of a 'needs modernising' about it.

annakarenin said...

Bloody hell you've changed it and it is massive. Have met Chief whatsee and very nice he is too you sly old dogs you!! Keeping us in the dark. I am now attempting to post another post by the route he has described and that is why I am back again, anyway mustn't linger as you can see I am easily distracted.