Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bonjour copied from the chatroom

Bonjour ma petite amis!

Just a quick dashed off wave to you all and a speedy hello to say good morning ! Isn't it pleasant to be able to write something in here that doesn't necessarily involve farrow and ball or Latin plant names or organic products or something worthy ! AND without anyone getting huffy!!! First sign of grumpiness I shall send Mme G around with a rolling pin. .. be warned.

I am meant to be doing housework as the electrician is due to arrive any minute ( which means probably about midi french time ) but have done a swift sweep of the kitchen floor, filled sink with hot water and put on a pinny so when I hear his van I can rush to my Post and look like a good femme de foyer (housewife... mind you sound's more like a woman of dubious attractions who hangs around cinemas trying to pick up passing trade!) . That way he will not realise that it always looks like a dump here.

He is supposed to be wiring in my kiln so I can go back to my real trade and be a potter and tile painter again..Hope it works !

This mornings hunk is wearing a particulary intersting hat and apparently "normalizes his data" whatever that means. I wonder should we all be wearing hats like that and if so would our data be normallized automatically? Do any knitters out there have a the pattern for it ? I imagine its from lapland knitters monthly or something simular. Headmistress might allow us to have it as part of the winter uniform!

Gosh I do hope so, just look at those fluffy pompoms!!


muddyboots said...

bonjour, ou est les hommes avec les pommes pommes? we have only got men in wellies here or avec grand stomachs. Are they a new migrating species & do l need to watch out for them on the horizon?

sally's chateau said...

I am a femme de foyer AND a femme de ménage, Serves me right for living in a Chateau !

Woozle1967 said...

Oo la la! And I haven't lifted a finger houseworkwise since getting this site bug. Shame on me. Much shame.x

Pondside said...

Must tear myself away from laptop - stop laughing and start getting ready for day of work away from the pond. Can't get those fuzzy bits out of my mind but will work at it so as to appear serious and in control for the rest of the day. Blood shot eyes will be a dead giveaway, though.