Friday, 13 July 2007

Youngest's birthday goes off with a bang!

It is youngest fete day today and we have been celebrating in line with his wishes, the entire day being, by family tradition, “at his command”, not perhaps upon reflection, a wise prerogative to accord a boy on his seventh birthday especially one who is sometimes rather too adventurous for his years!

Morning started with “petite déjeuner au lit” which would have been a pleasant leisurely occasion had it been held in his bed in the nursery and not mine, which he deemed a much more suitably venue to hold court!!

There is nothing quite like being woken at 5 am by the thunder of small feet across the boudoir floor and the application of icy hands to ones extremities to remind one, with startling clarity, of the uncertain joys of motherhood.

His arrival was swiftly followed by that of his siblings with Madame Grognonne in tow, bearing a silver tray on which the birthday boy’s brioche and hot chocolate were born high above his sibling’s cavorting heads! Sadly her arms being occupied with youngest breakfast I had to wait for my refreshing beverage, which is not quite how I had envisaged the start to my day.

Chief Patissier had already left for the Biscuiterie so I alone bore the brunt of the anniversary exuberance, a matter I might have taken better had Eldest not, upon greeting me, peered anxiously at my face and enquired if I had slept badly and middle commented at some length on how tired I looked. Youngest did not help matters by suggesting it was merely the inevitable result on my visage of my approaching old age. Had it not been his birthday I would have had severe words with him but I swallowed my acid response, causing Madame Grognonne to enquire as to whether I was feeling bilious. I shall however save it for future use.

It is never wise, in my experience, to hand over control of ones households menu to a minor and today proved my point, thanks to Madame Grognonne’s indulgence and Youngest preferences our midday repas consisted of frogs legs fried in crispy batter, escargot in garlic butter and cold langue de boeuf served with haricot verte and purred potatoes. This was accompanied by a marked absence of wine and the noteable addition of grenadine syrop to the table in its place. I note Chief Patissier was wisely absent for the meal, returning only to enjoy dessert which being fresh framboise and ice cream was a fairly safe choice even in youngest hands.

As always he was well indulged with gifts, we having presented him with a much needed new velo since he had accidentally destroyed his previous one in an attempt to make an earlier flying machine. He is under strict instructions not to take it apart unless strictly necessary. One does like to encourage inventiveness but in his case one can easily go too far. Only last week Jacques went to start the motorcar only to find that youngest had totally remove the engine and the fuel tank in order to utilize them in the construction of his own steam engine. We were not amused.

Middle gave him a new sling shot made from what looked suspiciously like Madame Grognonne missing corsets and a clutch of eggs for ammunition. After accidentally breaking one of the eggs in his pocket we discovered them to be rotten and thus he now will be requiring a new pair of trousers, there being some aromas even Madame Grognonne’s heavy handed laundry will not dispel. From eldest he received a hand written and illustrated book of her own creation entitled” tales from a fairie glade” which was about as suitable as the gift of nails and a hammer he presented her with on her last birthday and as equally well received.

The remainder of the day was spent in his demonstrating to us his captive audience a variety of alarming scientific experiments ranging from the production of electricity to power his latest invention a machine to curl hair, for which Eldest very sensibly refused to be the model for the demonstration and a rather spectacular pyrotechnic display which set the dogs off barking and inadvertently set fire to the chicken house currently anchored on the pond as part of his now completed boat. Rather foolishly, Jacques volunteered to try out the hair curling machine which I pointed out was a great pity as his hair has only just started to recover form being inadvertently dyed green. Loic however gallantry stepped in at the last minute to take his place which, bearing the conductive powers of metal, almost proved fatal. As it was we are now been with out electrical power in one end of the chateau as a result and Loic a rather charred left foot.
Youngest declared the day was a great success and one he will remember for ever, Middle is already planning his birthday events although it is some months away, so impressed was he with his brother’s day. Sadly the dogs, apparently convinced we are under attack, are still barking at the smoldering remains of the chicken coop and I imagine they intend to do so all night. One can truthfully say it was a memorable event, particularly for Loic, from whom I suspect w shall not see much gardening for some time, well at least until his burns heal.


The rather interesting painting above is of fireworks display over a river, I must say it is rather more subdued than Youngest’s display and there would appear to be a remarkable lack of burning chicken coops, although some of the barges do in my opinion look a trifle suspect I might add and thus may for all I know very well be floating aviaries of some description.


Frances said...

A very late bon soir, or perhaps a very early bon jour to you.

I cannot tell you how busy I have been. No time to enjoy your lovely imagination! Big catch-up just now. July 14 (with a big French celebration was my father's birthday, so it great to read of celebrations chez vous.

Surely sometime within the next bunch of days I will get a day off. It is not worth the words or clicking of keyboard keys to tell more. All shop talk.

I long to find what it might be like to enter the corner of this apartment that could be designated my "studio." Must stay patient, must not complain.

Ah, but did I not just do a bit of complaining between the lines.

Best wishes. xo

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day to be had. You will look back on this with laughter. Maybe!

Crystal xx

snailbeachshepherdess said...

I can well remember taking eldest and a gang of seven year old to the park after the cinema to picnic under the trees. Candles lit on the cake....and the grass...and the tree ......I thought I was going to be arrested!!!!!One child had the audacity to stamp on the put it out!!! And there's me shrieking like a banshee..'not the berludy cake you wally!!'

Pipany said...

I love the image of the rotten eggs and slingshot! Wonderful as ever xx

Cait O'Connor said...

Enjoyed the birthday blog. Hope Bastille day celebrations went/are going well too. My youngest granddaughter has a birthday in six days time, she will be six.

LittleBrownDog said...

Goodness, it appears Un Peu's inventive and creative genes have been passed successfully to the next generation. What a talented family you all are! I do hope Loic recovers - his poor nerves must be in shreds. (And how is his hair?)

Grouse said...

Look on the bright side, UP- all that roast chicken just in time for the Bastille celebrations!!!!!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh dear - sigh - kids . . . rushing on . . .